orchids small

This framed panel was created to fit within the dimensions of a bathroom window so privacy was paramount.  There are golden undertones to the white background glass which burst forth […]


wilson small

My son-in-law wrote the copy for the “Wilson” nameplate. When I was born many great things were said of me. I was made to play the game and I had […]


S small

My daughter wrote this copy for the “S” in my letter series. This serene square savors the serenity of the still and sibilant S. Whether you are a Smith, or […]



This panel measures 36″ round.  It was commissioned by a lady who loves daffodils and wanted to see them year round.  The crazy thing about this window is that it […]



This panel was created for the Annual Fakes and Forgeries art exhibit at Spring Bull Gallery in Newport.  My calla lily was derived from one in the series of calla […]

Tree of Life


This window measures 48′ X 48″ and sits in a bay window in a dining room.  The inspiration to make this came from the fact that the house next door […]